Terms & Conditions

The Terms and conditions imposed by BeatingBets are detailed below. The use of our services implies acceptance of these T&C, declining to make any claim by the client. Likewise, you agree to use our services as long as the laws of your country of origin are respected:

1. Before using our service, the user must have read, understood and accepted our Terms and Conditions. By clicking the "Create account" button, the user agrees to strictly comply with the terms and to be legally bound by the terms in relation to us.

2. BeatingBets offers its services and products indefinitely, being able, however, to suspend the provision of the same, unilaterally and without prior notice. We can also modify the content of the website/app, its services, pricing, guarantees, etc., at any time

3. BeatingBets is not responsible for damages, own or to third parties, produced by a misuse of this website/app by the client. We recommend responsible gambling.

4. At using our website/app, the users must use the information at their own risk. At no time do we suggest that you follow any tip/prediction, and we are not responsible for any financial losses you may suffer. Additionally, we do not guarantee the total accuracy, integrity or usefulness of any information or content provided through our platform.

5. The user agrees not to use our services offered to carry out activities contrary to the law, public order or to the current terms and conditions.

6. We are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of personal data, which is why we guarantee any information obtained from clients when contracting any of our services will not be disclosed or sold to any other institution or natural person.

7. This website/app has been programmed and tested for a proper functioning. At first, the correct operation will be for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, BeatingBets cannot rule out the possibility that certain programming errors exist, also as natural disasters, strikes, or similar circumstances may occur that make access to the website impossible.

8. The user is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the login information. We will not have any responsibility for the unauthorized use of the user's account.

9. Each account created is personal and non-transferable. If we detect multiple access, or that the same person has multiple accounts, either by IP address, proximity of location and coincidence of behavior, BeatingBets has the right to cancel the accounts and even permanently ban their access, even if they have a current subscription.

10. By using our website/app, the user accepts and guarantees that is over 18 years of age and he is following and respecting the betting laws in his current country.

11. BeatingBets does not offer refunds, however, it is our responsibility to provide solutions to the client if necessary.

12. The price of the plans or packages to be contracted will be the one that appears published on our website/app, reserving the right to be able to make changes to those prices at any time.

13. The betting tips shown are made by BeatingBets own system. This content is protected and its subsequent sale through any physical or digital channel is prohibited, being of exclusive use for the subscriber who hires this service. In the event of one or more sales of these betting tips shown on our portal to third parties, it will be considered plagiarism, which is why we could file legal charges in defense.

14. In order to guarantee total user security through the payment process, we use a third-party electronic payment processor. In this way, we will not have access to the userĀ“s own financial data.

These terms rules the use of our services and will apply to all users who use it. BeatingBets is not a gambling site and does not offer gambling of any kind to its users. The user is solely responsible for the use he makes of the services, content and links included on this website.